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About Deliciously URS

Hello I am Greta and welcome to Deliciously URS. My blog is an extension of my rendezvous with food.

From a complete non-cook to grappling with the kitchen and now exploring world cuisines, it has been a beautiful journey.

I decided to pen down my food experiences and showcase it to the world. That was the birth of Deliciously URS where URS stands for Ultimate Revival of Senses !!

I didn’t want to miss any of my daughter’s growing-up years, so I had taken a sabbatical from my corporate job. With the extra time I had on hand, I made it a point to learn about nutrition and create wholesome recipes for my toddler (who is now a teenager) These small learnings transformed me from a complete non-cook to a passionate baker, recipe developer and now a food blogger.

Deliciously URS shaped up last year (in 2020). Here, I aim at keeping a well-written blog on top priority and at the same time I have introduced my exotic bakes to the world.

So, do come along this amazing journey of reviving your senses through food and I bet there won’t be a single dull moment.

Lots of love.

About Deliciously URS