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Jennifer Dsouza
Jennifer Dsouza
2 years ago

Very beautifully crafted story!! ♥️ a big hug to you Greta for bringing up one my most favorite food recipe to the social media table and spreading the awareness to those who have not yet heard, seen and eaten Cashew nut seed in this form.
Well I got very lucky this time. Must tell you my story..… I had hired workers to clear the wild grass & shrubs from my land in Goa and then I get a loud excited call from my hubby Ralston…. Hey Jenu ..look what we found… sounded like some treasure in the ground …. And yes indeed… it was a treasure for me…” Cashew sprouts”.. 😊 and la la .. la la laa… I went dancing to pluck them along with the workers. I was very quick to pluck them as the workers were plucking and eating them raw on the spot 😇.. and me doing the same too haahaa.
Well the story then went to the kitchen; I got a bowl full of cashew sprouts (the pic was clicked only for seeing purposes to woo my sisters in Mumbai /AUH ) and instantly kept some for a quick raw snacking and the remaining for the stir-fry. Of course I shared it with my fav aunties Betty & Bella (who had never eaten it in a stir fry way). Such a super fruit !! and such amazing varieties we can cherish the Nuts in the form of Roasted seeds, Bibe ( tender green cashew), Sprouts (from the sapling) and the fruit for Feni and Urak too .. hmmm how can we forget that!!
There is someone else behind the scenes that we must not the forget — the Portuguese brought the cashew sapling to Goa and today we have it coz of them !! so Viva re Viva .. Viva Via. Viva Goa !! Tip: in case you have missed eating this delicacy.. next time collect the seeds from the cashew fruit or that fall on the ground and germinate them in your home pots to see the wonder grow and savor it too. 🥰